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J.B. Taylor watches Becky England and Turtle sing "Grey Squirrel" to Shef Baker and Lyle Haas, early in the morning: Ghost Ranch, June 9-14, 1973
Turtle "helps" Ruth Lowery off the deck at Baker's Cabin, May 11-13, 1974
Lisa Hodgin finds a shoe in the river (using her toes!): Hummingbird, May, 1974
Kory Baker chasing someone in a game of duck-duck-goose: Ghost Ranch, June, 1974
Derek Roff dividing the pie at Pizza Hut, December 29, 1974
Mrs. (Wanda) Higgins on the monkey bridge at Hummingbird, May 10-11, 1975
Joe XXX and Steve Geohegan working on a "rubber hose recorder" at Ghost Ranch, June 8, 1975
Keith Myers and Sped write "Happy New Year" on Bob's head: New Years Eve party at Bakers' home, December 31, 1975
Turtle sees her new face for the first time as Sped watches: at Bakers' cabin, April 17, 1976
Jimmie Matthews (nearby) vs. Roger Billau on the monkey bridge at Hummingbird, May 7-9, 1976
Kids and a tree at Hummingbird, May 7-9, 1976
Janine Baker in a cage at Ghost Ranch Museum, June 13-18, 1976
David Whitehorn: outstanding (sitting) in his field. Ghost Ranch, June 13-18, 1976
Road to Bakers' Cabin, winter 1977 (Photo by Bob Baker?)
Mary Jo Andersen magnet-ized to freezer door, 1977 (Photo by ?)
Bob Baker with Shenda and a few friends in Ghost Ranch pool, June 14-15, 1977
Some hoodlum ;-) TP's a tent: Ghost Ranch, June 12-17, 1978
Releasing a tissue-paper hot air baloon: Ghost Ranch, June 16, 1978
Painting the Nut Factory at church
Lincoln and Angie Sorrell asleep at Bakers' Cabin

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