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What was left of my first car after a little mishap on Highway 528 to Rio Rancho (photo by Jimmie Matthews)
Kim Bassett and I morbidly playing dead for this re-creation of our accident (photo by Jimmie Matthews)
Janet Brugge, Derek Roff, and Gwyn Beattie preparing an exciting craft for the kiddos.
Anne Rosenblatt surprised by paparazzi as she emerges from the "Nut Factory"
Janet Brugge trying to keep her floppy counselor's hat on
Me attempting a studly artistic self-portrait. You can stop swooning now!
Jenny Stafford embarking on an important mission
Jimmie Matthews and Anne Rosenblatt in shadow
Kathy King mentoring two eager charges
Shenda Baker glares at the candid photographer. Clark Whitehorn and Jimmie Matthews deep in convesation in the background
Shelley Simms spreading newspapers for a new project
Shelley Simms, Bob Baker, and Anne Rosenblatt sharing some laughs
Marcia Beattie turns around to see a camera pointing at her
Shenda, Clark, and Anne still working steadfastly
Janet Brugge in head counselor mode trying to get us all to be quiet (peace!). The figure to the right is Bryan Logan
Shelley Simms didn't particularly want me to take this picture so she just closed her eyes
Marcia Beattie in a pensive moment at the Bakers' cabin
Gwyn Beattie, Mandy Funk, and Clark Whitehorn listening intently at yet another counselor meeting
Guy Carlson (on balcony), Derek Roff (in doorway), Janine Baker, Anne Rosenblatt, Tom Perchlik, Shelley Simms (turned around), <mystery person>, and Bob Baker hanging out at the cabin
I really like this shot of the Chama River. The person playing on the rocks is Jenny Stafford
Anne Rosenblatt and Tom Perchlik at the cabin
Becky Brower(?), William Brower, Guy Carlson, Jenny Stafford, Derek Roff, Matthew Bryant, and Hugh Visor. Good Morning Exercises?
???, Anne Rosenblatt, Tom Perchlik, Marcia Beattie, Becky Brower (?), William Brower
Clark Whitehorn and Gwyn Beattie on dishes duty
Inside the cabin

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